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Ready for change?


You are at the right place. We at InspirationWithoutBorders are specialized in leadership mindsetshift, triggering new business impulses and igniting an innovative culture through powerful communication strategies.


Eve Simon, Founder and Lead, is based in Düsseldorf and San Francisco and helps you to thrive through her expertise as a Consultant, (Interim) Manager & Coach.


Eve love's to build bridges between 'inside and outside the box' thinking - integrating an extraordinary creative 'toolbox', state of the art subjects such as mindfulness, diversity and design thinking - to find new ways for you to succeed.


InspirationWithoutBorders is a source for new sustainable solutions in times of change.

Enjoy the journey and be inspired. 

Visit Silicon Valley
'Innovation Expedition'

Explore Silicon Valley - the hub of Innovation - to learn from the best in the field - the thought leaders, discrupters and trendsetter of today.


We will design you and your team an inspirational journey with future high impact.



"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"


"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"


Always with a creative & sustainable twist
  • Success Coaching
  • Communication Concepts
  • Project- and (Interim)management
  • Marketing & Corporate Identity Mentoring
  • Creativity & Leadership Training's (Skills & Mindset)
  • Key-Notes about Innovation, 'Preneurship' & Diversity

Journey Silicon Valley

for female Change Maker

April 19-22, 2018

Exciting initiatives 'A bit different'
Mindfulness Labs
Innovation & Design Thinking
Leadership Learning-Journey’s to Silicon Valley


What Leaders of today need: Articles, Books and Tips

Are you a ...

HR professional, Manager or Entrepreneur


responsible for the next phase of development, change and growth?

Eager to create a success road-map and a corporate culture - vibrant and collaborative, helping

to generate lasting business results?

What CLIENTS say

"I've worked with Eve as an up-to-date communication and organization expert during her time at E-Plus and later on as a coach. Her experiences, her wonderful ideas to solve problems in teams and service relations, her creativity based on an amazing knowledge and her perfect way of structuring and solving problems are really outstanding."

Dietmar Bochert, Franz Haniel & Cie GmbH

"Eve possesses a natural ability to peel away the layers of the onion that comprise one's identity to arrive at the core of who we are as human beings. Using a variety of tools, she helped guide me to reassemble these layers in a coherent vision for my future."


Raffi Patatian, CEO Smart Source IT, San Francisco

Igniter for Change


Besides a Masters in Marketing & Economics, a 14 year corporate leadership career, 11 years as an entrepreneur and additional certifications in Coaching, Design Thinking, Mindfulness and Sustainability; people say about Eve that she usually sees the glass ‘overflowing’ and always comes up with new ideas. With the passion to open new horizons, Eve believes, being in business can be fun while making money and doing good for the planet.


Her promise: If she can’t solve your problem, she knows someone who can. Believing in collective intelligence, she works with the Conscious Business Center, SeminarPartner, the Institute for Applied Creativity and the Oxford Leadership Academy as well as many great consultants and thought leaders around the globe.

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