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Eve Simon

Catalyst for change - recourceful, creative & commited

Eve Simon, Consultant & Coach with over 20 years experience, is specializied in Change Management, Communications, Innovation, Marketing-Communication, Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership Development.


As an agent of change, and with her comprehensive expertise, Eve has provided advice and guidance to corporations and individuals all over the world.  Eve spent the first 14 years of her career in senior management and leadership positions spanning multiple industries; including Telecommunications (E-Plus), Advertisement (Grey Network), Health Care, Retail, Fashion and Hospitality.


Prior to starting her own company in 2005,  she managed national marketing and communications at telecommunications giant E-Plus, leading successful change management efforts as they transitioned from start-up, through their most explosive growth phase, and finally into the maturity phase of company evolution.


In 1998 Eve began lecturing on the subjects of marketing, business development and creative thinking in several institutions both in Europe and the US. 2009 to 2012 Eve has been the US based Managing Partner for the Institute of Applied Creativity (IAK), guiding corporations through cultural changes, globalization and internal refinements. Since 2012 she is part of the Oxford Leadership team. She has trained and facilitated in-house seminars for entities such as Brose, Boehringer, Currenta, Bayer, Metro and BASF.


As a consultant and manager, a distinguishing mark of Eve’s career includes the founding, development and expansion of start-ups and new departments in corporations. She has successfully designed and implemented large scale events, knowledge & management systems, employee satisfaction programs and corporate identity.


As a global citizen with an open mind Eve, born and raised in Germany, presently lives with her daughter on two continents (Düsseldorf, D and Silicon Valley, CA).

Fields of Expertise
  • Change Management

  • Communication, Marketing & Branding

  • Culture & internal Corporate Communications


  • Leadership & Talent Development

  • Presentation & Communication Skills

  • Creativity Techniques / Creative Mindset / Innovation

  • Mindfulness / Meditation

  • Personal Growth / Self Leadership / Work-Life-Integration

  • Burn-Out Prevention


  • Conscious Business

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Master Degree in Business & Marketing / Basel, Switzerland

  • Bachelor in Communication & Advertisment

  • Certified NLP Coach (Life & Business) from the Institute of CA


  • Trainings in Conscious Business/Capitalism

  • various Trainings of Oxford Leadership Academy, Axialent, the Institute for Applied Creativity & SeminarPartner

  • Studied & applied analysis such as Impulse Check, Creativity Barometer, 360°, 5 Dynamic, Strengthfinder


  • educated in mindfulness und somatic awareness & movement from international schools

“Within change new challenges appear; new definitions of role modeling are fascinating opportunities. Women and the young generation of millennial will pave a new path and create new models of work-life integration. The entrepreneurial spirit – also in the corporate context – will create a new economy. I am thankful to support this evolution – creative, focused and mindful.”

  • German (native)

  • English (fluent)

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