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Sometimes You Just Need

To Change Your Perspective

personal & corporate Retreats

Success without Struggle


Is it time to stop and reflect on what really matters?


Eve offer's 'Mini-Retreats' to recharge and also recalibrate your direction. In German we say `Standortanalyse´.


The method is always the same, build on the proven model 'the Thrive Compass' - just the depth, location and 'ad-ons' will change and so does the price.


Exlore and enjoy the experience to reignite your powerful self.


Take your team on a journey and lay a strong foundation - especially in the 'Norming Phase' of team building. In corporate internal retreats Eve includes next to the individual perspective also a team approach - to define your leadership and team purpose.


More about the retreat


Through deep introspection and self-discovery you will identify your patterns and blockages, your unique gifts and values and will explore what gives you meaning in life to create a powerful vision. You will leave the retreat with a clear roadmap and action steps that will allow you to bring your vision to fruition– in life and business.


  • Tap into your full potential to ignite all your unique strengths and power

  • Explore how to make decisions aligned with your true purpose and values

  • Learn valuable practices of self-awareness

  • Get back into balance when life gets challenging

  • Have fun, relax and enjoy the path to write a new chapter in your life


The retreat combines leadership development methods with somatic exercises and mindfulness, and will allow time to rejuvenate.


Besides great locations, it will be a firework of creative exercises with a blend of above methods  to guide you to reach your goals and fulfillment. This retreat is for individuals, entrepreneurs and executives.


Let's have a conversation to find the right retreat (eg in Düsseldorf, Sedona or Big Sur)  for you.

 Thrive & succeed without burning out


  • based on the Thrive-Compass

  • in nature or urban creative environments

  • filled with yoga, dance or martial art

  • includes mindfulness practices

  • small groups

  • often delicous food

  • and deep conversation



  • Explore your Purpose & Passion

  • Unleash your Strength and Full Potential

  • Write enthusiastic your Next Chapter

  • Overcome Barriers (and energy vampires)

  • Set clear Priorities

  • Life a thriving Work-Life 'Integration'

  • Rejuvante to burn without exhaustion

  • Learn valuable techniques to re-center

  • Enjoy great deep (new) connections



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