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Receive once a month impulses in new biz ideas, conferences, initiatives or leadership trends


Public Events

There are so many great books out there. Here are Eve's favorites

01 /

An initiative from women for women to lead positive change


We meet the of every months at GarageBilk

ongoing /
LeanIn Circle Start (Düsseldorf)
02 /

Lots of  'sparks' to imrove your life, business and leadership skills and idea's which rock.


An interactive and explorative key-note session for all who like to explore what is behind the Silicon Valley DNA.

May 18th & June 2nd  /
Silicon Valley & The Art of Start
03 /
Mindful Management

Interessted in a new way of going through life? An initiative to get started.

Retreat: Mindfulness Lab

Explore the MindfulnessLab first hand during our public one-day intensives

July 2016  /
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