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One of today’s most pressing business challenges is building a “vibrant & collaborative culture” – one that naturally attracts and retains the best individuals and merges into strong teams. Building such a culture requires value-driven practices, a future-minded management, creatvity in all you do and an extraordinary level of respect for the people you work with and those who work for you.


As a manager in the corporate field Eve knows from her own experiences about the challenges to change the Corporate Culture and keep employees satisfied and engaged at all times.


Eve's trainings are built on the alteration of mindset & awareness. They are interactive, innovative, professional, practice-and application-oriented; they touch and inspire - and start therefore long-lasting development activities.


For larger interventions or groups Eve collaborates with eg SeminarPartner and Oxford Leadership.

Key-Notes & Speaking

Eve integrates cutting edge economic and human potential models, sustainable life-style subjects, evolutionary sciences and best practices. 


Eve is especially passionate about the Movement of: Women in Leadership, Conscious Business & Capitalism, Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset.


In her key-notes she integrates impulses of new trends, innovative business ideas and the Silicon Valley DNA with stories and solutions. Sparks, which will help your dynamic company and leaders with new impulses to navigate into the future.


Interessted to discuss the above or further subjects as a Key-Note or Speaking Series to ignite new and 'without borders' thinking and behavior in your organization?


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"It all begins with the right mindset and awarness. Impulses which touch and inspire will lead to lasting success." (Simon)

Eve's Specialty: Learning Journeys in California


Dive deep and explore about your own individual leadership story. Get inspired by the surrounding of the san Francisco Bay Area and meet great people from the Bay to create a powerful network and design an innovative roadmap with the best impact.


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