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Leaders of today are Missing

What Matters Most


of employees are disengaged,

leading to lower productivity, innovation, and wellbeing

(Gallup, 2013)


It's time for a new way of

Inspiring Leadership



With Eve and  Inspiration Without Borders™ you will explore a progressive approach, connecting cross-cultural best practice results with mindful management skills, while integrating sustainable methods to achieve the best results for people, the planet and business profits of their clients.


Through Eve's work in Germany and Silicon Valley, she is equipped with international expertise, interculturally inclined and prepared to bring new impulses and outside the box thinking to the table.

Special Topics

  • Thrive Compass (Why.How.What)

  • Mindfulness & Mindful Leadership

  • Diversity & Inclusion (Ladies Lead)

  • Design Thinking (Create.Innovate.Share)

Consulting & (Interims/Project-)Management


The 20th century witnessed a lengthy battle between polar opposite views of how to organize and regulate economic activity. Although free market capitalism won that epic struggle decisively, it failed to capture the minds and hearts of employees.


Corporations are probably the most influential institutions in the world today and yet many people do not believe that they can be trusted. Instead corporations are widely perceived as greedy, selfish, exploitative, uncaring - and interested only in maximizing profits.


Eve believes that a more complex form of creative & conscious business is emerging that holds the potential for enhancing corporate performance while simultaneously advancing the quality of life for all people involved.

Executive & Entrepreneurial Coaching


Are you a leader in a traditional company, ready for change or a new talent in an emerging market? An entrepreneur with a great vision and knowledge to go from good to great and from managing to leading?


Eve's coaching approach is built on guiding you into a strong self-leading awareness, towards a collaborative, diverse team approach to generate sustainable results for you, your entity and the globe.


Open up to new ideas, outside the box thinking and progressive action. Raise your knowledge of self development and business growth without feeling overwhelmed. Gain tools and clearity you can use in the future to help you and your team cope with change in an easy and effective way.

Trainings & Key-Notes


The latest studies show that emotional intelligence, mindfulness and creativity are the most important management skills we need to succed in todays every changing world.


Innovation and evolution inside out begins with changing awareness and attitude, long before techniques and process take place - for change with long-term results. That's what our trainings are built on - with a special emphasis on Women in Business and the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Corporations.


Eve's key-notes focus on subjects such as  'entrepreneurship',  'modern pilgramage', diversity, mindfulness and innovation/creativity. Her dynamic work and the diverse life she is living on two continents will give you great new impulses.

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